How to move your Wordpress blog to a new Web Hosting Provider?


Do you find your current web hosting provider unreliable and not good for hosting Wordpress? Or are you just going to move from to a self-hosted Wordpress blog? If yes, you have made a good decision, as self hosted Wordpress blog will give you much more freedom. I will explain you in this quick guide on how to do it properly.

As for the web hosting company to host your Wordpress blog, I would choose BlueHost. They also recommend it as the #1 Wordpress web host right on


A) Migrating to a new web host

Install Wordpress on your new hosting account, upload the theme and plugins (or just upload the entire wp-content folder). Backup your Wordpress blog's MySQL database - in your CPanel use phpMyAdmin for this and then just import the database to your new blog and you should be fine.


B) Moving to a self hosting blog from

Just sign up for a new web hosting plan with a good web hosting company. For hosting a Wordpress blog you will need a MySQL database and PHP - e.g. BlueHost has all this.

Install Wordpress - a good way to do it is to use Fantastico. You can check my other tutorial on this for more info - WP install tutorial

If you have more than a few posts on your blog and don't want to just copy and paste them on your new self hosted WP blog, do the following:

In your blog admin panel go to Manage > Export and download the export file. Then in your admin panel click Manage > Import and upload the file.

Good luck with your newly hosted WP blog!

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